Wheat-Free for 9 Days and Feeling SO GOOD!

Hey everyone! Here is my update after being wheat-free for nine days.

So far it hasn’t really been that hard to give up the wheat. It’s like the the less you eat it, the less you miss it.  The only time I feel real temptation is when my pastry chef roommate brings home my favourite cupcakes (Coconut Cream Cheese!).  I continue to have bounds of energy and just feel better overall.  I enjoy getting up and starting my day, taking my dog to the park, tidying the house, reading, and walking into town and perusing the local markets now.

Yesterday I woke up with almost no allergy symptoms, which is pretty remarkable.  Today, once again, very minimal allergy symptoms.  On a normal day, I will literally blow my nose all the way through a box of tissues in 12 hours.  People will ask me if I’m sick, which is embarrassing, and I just feel gross and exhausted.  For the past two days I have only had the sniffs a couple times which is GREAT!

I should also mention that I stopped drinking milk, which could be helping my allergies. I didn’t drink a ton of milk before, but I did have a bowl of cereal pretty much every day.  And since i can’t eat my beloved Vector cereal anymore, I gave up milk too.  So every morning when I have my cup of coffee, I use coconut milk instead, which is absolutely delicious and healthy for you too!

On another note…. and I have no idea how this is possible… I’ve somehow lost 7 lbs in 9 days. I have been weighing in daily since I started and went from 130 – 129.4 – 128.6 – 127.6 – 126.4 – 126 – 125.8 – 125 – 123!

I have not weighed 123 lbs since high school! To recap, I’m a 23yo female, 5’7″ inches, overall slender. So dropping 7 lbs from my relatively small frame is astounding!  I haven’t seen much change physically, and here is what I think is happening: Wheat addiction causes a buildup of visceral fat, also known as intra-abdominal fat, which is fat that surrounds your internal organs.  It’s really hard to lose, compared to subcutaneous fat which lies on the surface.  So even though I’m a healthy weight overall, I may have a buildup of visceral fat that I just can’t see.

Happy with how it’s going so far!


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