Wheat Test = Bad Idea

So I visited my parents last night and, as usual, they sent me home with some homecooked food after. Unfortunately, the salmon they gave me had been cooked in salmon sauce which has soy sauce as its first ingredient. I admit, I knew this going in, but who can turn down a nice cut of BBQ’d salmon?
Anyway, I ate it for breakfast. Result? I vomited my breakfast. And now I feel like garbage. So I guess there’s no going back! I can no longer tolerate wheat in any amount. I know it’s not food poisoning because my parents both ate it and are fine. Sigh… Bye forever, wheat.


4 thoughts on “Wheat Test = Bad Idea

  1. Wow, I’m surprised you had such a violent reaction so quickly!! Today is Day 2 for me; I wonder if the same will happen to me. Interesting.

    • I know! I am so shocked that I just can’t even tolerate it anymore. I took two Acidophillus capsules (the good bacteria in yogurt) and that settled my stomach mostly.

      • I haven’t read the book yet, so all I’m doing now is staying away from grains, but I’m not checking to see if the deli meat has it in the ingredients or anything like that.

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