Wheat-Free Salad Roll…?

Hey, Wheatbeaters!

I was fortunate enough to come across some wheat-free food from a take-out place! How often does that happen?

This is a salad roll that I picked up in Granville Island and it was pretty good!  I don’t know the exact ingredients, but it had prawns, celery, rice noodles, and lettuce in it. It came with a tangy kind of fruity dip which wasn’t bad, but I wish I could have had the peanut oil dip they also offered.  Unfortunately, peanut oil almost always has wheat in it unless you make it yourself 😦

Successful find!



7 thoughts on “Wheat-Free Salad Roll…?

  1. I am SO drooling! I was just trying to figure out today how to have eggrolls, which I LOVE. That looks like a wonton wrap…hmmm….

    BTW, are you off sugar, too? I’m not losing very fast, and the only thing I haven’t cut out is sugar. I don’t eat a lot of it, but otherwise all I eat is meat, veggies and potato chips. 😉

    • I’m not entirely off sugar, but I’ve cut it down dramatically. I eat a fair amount of fruit so I get natural sugar that way. I rarely eat anything that has sugar added now. I actually find that sugary things taste WAY more sugary than they used to. Overall I take in very little sugar. And when my roommate brings home cupcakes, I occasionally can’t help but lick the icing off of one…haha

      • Fruit is a no-no on WB…which I can understand on the one hand because of the high sugar content, but on the other…it’s fruit! Natural! Mama made it, not us dweebs in a factory. My thing is wine. 😉 Red. But still. *L*

      • Well, it’s not a no-no exactly, WB just says you should eat it in moderation. It’s not on the “Eat in Unlimited Quantities” list, it’s on the “Eat Sometimes” list. There are so many valuable vitamins and health benefits associated with eating fruit that I think it was be doing my body a disservice to cut it out.

      • I agree. I love fruit smoothies in the morning, with almond or coconut milk as the base!

      • Mmm yes! Love love love coconut milk! My favourite indulgence is diced strawberries with coconut milk. If you buy the authentic thai coconut milk it goes really thick in the fridge just like whipped cream!

  2. Those salad rolls are my favs on Granville Island! They’re also pretty easy to make at home – I use more veggies and fewer rice noodles inside.

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