Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Hey Wheatbeaters!

So I just watched this amazing documentary the other day called, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It follows a man that it morbidly obese, suffering from an autoimmune disorder, and basically just wildly unhealthy.  He decides to turn it all around and go on a 60 day vegetable/fruit juice fast — that’s right, ONLY JUICE for two months!! Pretty crazy, right?

Anyway, he ends up curing all of his issues, dropping over 65 lbs, and becoming a picture of health. Of course, because he is initially taking tons of medication for his condition, he is monitored by a doctor.

It just goes to show how important it is to eat your veggies, and how little carbohydrates benefit you.  I’m doing his challenge starting tomorrow — ten days only drinking freshly made vegetable/fruit juice!  I’m excited and nervous.  I really don’t want to fail right off the bat and go eat a bag of chocolate or something LOL. 

I would encourage everyone to check out the film.  It’s really eye-opening.  The idea is that the fast is supposed to kick-start your healthy eating habits and retrain your taste buds, so once you finish the fast you don’t want to eat crap and you maintain a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits!

Peace + Love 


2 thoughts on “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

  1. I love smoothies, but find when that’s what I have exclusively, I really get that craving for something that crunches! 😉

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