Welcome to my fantastical blog about cutting wheat out of my diet!

You can follow me as I physically, emotionally, and mentally transform simply by refraining from eating wheat.  I never realized what a useless food it is!  Oh, sure, it creates bagels, cupcakes, bread, and pot pies… what was I saying? Oh right, yes, it’s tasty but it’s not really helping people stay healthy.  The food guide tells us we need whole grains, yet people generally feel better and become healthier when they stop eating them — what’s that all about?

This blog will include:

  • My progress reports
  • Recipes that I’ve created, and others I have found
  • Any new info I find about the benefits of going wheat-free
  • Probably a picture or two of my dog because he’s awesome!

Peace & Love

— L.C.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. I just finished reading the blog this morning from wheatbellyblog.com about your review of the book “Wheat Belly” – I just want to be of encouragement to you there in the journey – my journey is somewhat like but different – I have my whole family (even 3 kids) on a plan – I don’t use the word “diet” that is a word that never works – I use the words “life change – lifestyle” – the program that my family is on is called Maximized Living (www.maximizedliving.com) – the book by Ben Learner “Body by GOD” has the whole outline of our changed lifestyle. My wife Amy since we have been on this journey is a writer and she started a blog about so much you may find helpful – one thing I did catch from your review is that it seems too expensive to live the life of a healthy life – well we are firm believers that it can be done – she blogs about that as well – check out the site at http://www.unrefinedfamily.blogspot.com/ – Keep up the great work – stay focused, intense and with a goal and you will go far – and always be sure to include GOD in the journey = When GOD is involved the journey is so much easier.

    Dale K

    • Hi Dale! Thanks for the feedback. Always happy to have encouragement. I checked out your wife’s blog and it looks like she has some great recipes! I’ll be sure to try some of them out. I think most of the costs I have run into have just been from buying startup ingredients like rice flour, ground flaxseed, etc., but overall I think it’s very affordable to eat healthy, especially when I shop locally at my market for all the veggies and fruits. I’m not actually a religious person, but I appreciate the sentiment and support. Everything is going really well so far!

  2. I am looking forward to reading your blog! (Also came to it from wheatbelly site.) I have been a low carb convert for about a year and a half, which overlaps the wheat thing. But in my case, I feel it’s important to decrease all high carb foods, not just wheat – so for me, rice, starchy vegetables and most fruit are off limits too. I eat lots of eggs and cheese. Anyway, looking forward to your recipes, insights and more pics of your adorable dog!

    • Yay! I love it when people join me 🙂
      I definitely eat less starch than I used to, but I loveeee rice cakes! (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say!)
      I love eggs and cheese too!

  3. Awesome blog! So great to see another person getting rid of grains! I started an LCHF plan about six months ago, totally cutting wheat and most other carbs. Lost 23 lbs so far and I feel great! Never groggy or hungry. I’m always looking for good wheat free ideas too. You really have to get creative since it’s in everything! But, you get so much more vegetables this way.
    And I’m rambling … sorry!

    • That’s awesome! Good for you! I really agree that wheat-free eating gets rid of the grogginess. Every time I’m tempted to eat something with wheat in it, I just remind myself how much better I feel without it.

  4. This “lifestyle” of wheat free is great encouragment to grown your own garden! I have been giving away my tomatoes, zuchinnis, lettuce, squash etc. for years, now I plan on using it all…..good luck to all who have joined in being “wheat free”

  5. I am so excited I found your blog!! I am a 23 year old that has struggled with IBS type symptoms for as long as I can remember (SEVERE, I mean 6-months preggo, bloating and irregularity). I’ve been told to increase fiber, take probiotics, etc. for years now and nothing has seemed to fix the problems. My mom also has the same problems but add in such bad stomach aches that she can hardly live a normal life. I don’t want to end up in her same position and so after doing some research we found Wheat Belly together. After reading the book, we decided to try eliminating wheat from our diets and “test” it out.

    It is only day two of my wheat-less journey and I found that I have so many questions! According to the Wheat Belly book, you are supposed to avoid most processed foods. I understand eating whole, natural foods is the best option (meat, cheese, eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts) but I was getting confused about the wheat-free “processed” foods such as rice cakes (which I LOVE with natural pb or almond butter, btw!). I am glad to see that you are still eating these!

    Anyways, that was such a long post, but I am just excited to have come across this blog that is so similar to my situation (i.e. not being a wheat-free vegan…just no wheat).

    Looking forward to browsing through the whole blog and to more posts!!


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