Progress Report – 3 Weeks down

Hey Everyone! 

So I’ve been definitely slacking on the whole “posting” thing, and I think I owe all of you some recipe ideas and an update.  Unfortunately, my scale broke *insert fat joke here* so I can’t monitor my weight at the moment, BUT my pants are all getting a little loose so I will just assume I’m doing something right. I really just hate the act of purchasing a scale because you just know the clerk is doing a mental scan of you and debating whether or not you are fat.

I have found that I no longer crave carbs like I used to.  I can be in the room with a bunch of people eating a pizza and  not experience my entire mouth filling with saliva immediately. I think the biggest hurdle is attempting to go out for food.  It’s really easy to whip up a meal without any wheat in it, but it’s a whole other ball game trying to order something off of a menu.  I went out for breakfast with my mom and didn’t realize that the hashbrowns had wheat in them… 5 minutes later I had a massive headache. You know, the kind that makes you hate everyone and everything no matter how undeserving of your hatred they are.  (Sorry, Mom.)

Basically I am limited to ordering salads when I go out for dinner now, which is less than exciting a lot of the time.  Some restaurants have great salads, like beet salads or pecan strawberry, but many really just have a house salad and a caesar salad which are kind of just put on the menu out of pity. The lettuce actually looks unhappy somehow. And long gone are the days of ordering pizza!  Eating wheat-free really just kills the beauty of convenience.  McDonalds, Wendy’s, etc., are all open super late, while the market stores are closed at 6:30pm!  So if I haven’t done the grocery shopping, I’m kind of screwed.

I still have KILLER allergies…. I’m guessing that the wheat is probably not the cause of them…. or milk. Gah. But on the whole, I feel better than I ever did before beating the wheat.  🙂

And Benny keeps me healthy and exercising, all while being a Jedi. 



Wheat-Free and Energized!

I continue to be amazed at the amount of energy I have just from cutting wheat out of my diet.  I don’t feel like just lying around the house and being useless.  So today I went to a provincial park and took my dog, Ben, on a 2.5 hour hike!  I think I actually wore him out! I should have brought my nice SLR camera, but alas, all I have are cell phone photos to commemorate the occasion.


Progress Report – Almost 2 weeks in!

Wow, I can’t believe I have not eaten any wheat in almost two weeks!  My life used to revolve around wheat-eating; it was the sun and I was just a planet spinning around it.  I can’t express how much better I feel since giving up wheat.  I definitely went through a period of withdrawals for the first 3-4 days, I must admit.  I would get these lightning quick chills that pulsed through my entire body out of nowhere.  Thankfully, those went away and now I can just sit back and not think about wheat.

Something interesting I’ve noticed is that I actually enjoy eating a lot more than I did before.  I used to look through the fridge and, despite having a ton of food, I would veto practically everything and crave something specific like a pot pie or pasta. Now when I open the fridge door I just pull out mixed greens, chicken, rice, etc., and put a meal together almost intuitively.  Salad is more delicious when you aren’t lusting over tortellini.

So far my allergies have improved, but aren’t entirely gone.  I’ll take the improvement, gladly.  I now weigh 122.8 lbs — 7.2 lbs less than my starting weight.

I still have loads of energy and feel better than I ever have before.  I should mention that while cutting out wheat is the main idea, lowering your intake of starches and sugar is also important.  So if you give up bread and switch to corn-based tortillas, you probably won’t see a ton of results because starches still spike your blood sugar. I also find it easier to avoid sugar, the less I eat it at all. When I’m feeling like I need a treat, I eat a couple squares of dark 85% cacao chocolate and that usually solves my problem.

Overall, so far so good.  I’m still not seeing a ton of results in regards to my body changing, but I figure that will come later.  The fact that I am losing weight, eating more, and not really exercising is pretty remarkable on it’s own.

That being said, my dog is thinking that I should put all this extra energy to good use and take him for a nice run!